This lightning rod differs from other systems, as it works by providing prevention, safety and protection to people, animals and installations, eliminating the direct impact of lightning and therefore electrical risk, direct and indirect electromagnetic effects, and Discharge of the beam by the installation.

The new technology facilitates the creation of a balanced electrical environment between the earth and the structure to be protected. During the storm there is a potential difference between the cloud and the earth (loads) that are concentrated in the most predominant points on land. The PDCE is responsible for transforming them as they appear in a small current that leaks from the lightning conductor to the earthing.

Ultimately the PDCE is a Balancing Device and Compensator of variable electric fields that acts like a System of Protection Against the Lightning and Electromagnetic Protector that AVOIDS THE FORMATION OF LIGHTNING (efficiency 100%), defined as a system PASSIVE CAPTURE of electrostatic currents IN TIME , which leads them to earth, preventing the field from being saturated around them and preventing the lightning from forming in their radius of protection.

The PDCE also acts as an ELECTROMAGNETIC PROTECTOR, as it significantly minimizes (between 60% and 90%) the indirect effects (external induced surges) caused by lightning strikes in its surroundings, behaving in this case as a fuse Absorbing part of the beam energy in heat by melting its internal components, minimizing the indirect effects described.





When a storm is in its forming process, the phenomenon of ionization appears, which helps to trace the path by which the beam is created.
The PDCE lightning rod works by preventing the generation of this phenomenon, in this way we can prevent that lightning appears.


The PDCE acts as a capacitor. The lower head is loaded with loads that exist in our structure and induces to the superior head to equilibrate the potential by capturing opposite sign charges from the environment. A potential difference is generated between the two sides of the head PDCE.


When the charges in the top of the head and the bottom loads are balanced head a current appears. This earth leakage current and thus, the PDCE, which acts as a condenser, never fails to be loaded. With this constant drain current is achieved cancel the electrostatic field generated during the storm, and for this reason LIGHTNING IS NOT GENERATE.






No excites or capture lightning
It does no generate surges
There is not redioactive
Avoid electrical hazards
Protect any structure risks of fire or explosion
Guaranteed efficiency of 99% in the non-appearance of lightning
Applicable to the prevention of occupational hazards
Meets low voltage electrotechnical regulations
No harmful electromagnetic compatibility
Earthing compatible with tomes on the ground low voltage


Excite and capture lightning
Not Generate generates surge voltages
Some are radioactive
His heavenly generates voltage electrical hazards
May increase the risk of fire or explossió
Possibility of direct impact between 70% and 80%
Does not comply with risk prevention
Does not meet the low voltage Electrotechnical regulation
Generate effects of electromagnetic compatibility
Earthing NOT compatible with tomes on the ground low voltage