TECNO-FERRAN investigates possible lightning protection solutions on the market, and after studying various technologies, principles of operation and efficiency, specializes in the new PDCE lightning protection system, an innovative new technology.

Passive pick-up system of electrostatic currents in time, which are grounded, whose principle of operation is based on balancing or compensating for the variable electric field existing in its environment, avoiding the generation of the ascending tracer in the PDCE MARINE and in the structure that protects .

Protection effectiveness
100% reduction of impact of direct rays in the protected structure. On indirect effects due to external induced surges in the protected structure, the PDCE Plus behaves as a thermal fuse, absorbing part of the lightning energy in heat by fusion of its components.

Electromagnetic Protector
Unique and effective system for the protection of external electromagnetic pulses (minimizes them between 60% and 90%).

Unique and effective system for the protection of structures where the weight of the device is important in its
Installation (Boats, etc.) and / or structures of low height (Catenary of trains, etc.)

Maximum working voltage without lightning discharge
705,000 volts at one meter, according to high voltage laboratory tests.




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This lightning rod differs from other systems because it works giving prevention, safety and protection for people, animals and installations, eliminating direct lightning strike and therefore electrical hazards, direct and indirect electromagnetic effects and currents lightning discharge on the facility.


The new technology allows creating a balanced electrical environment between the earth and the structure to be protected. During the storm a difference of potential appears between the cloud and the earth (loads) that focus on the most predominant points on land. The PDCE transform this charges in a small current leaking through the arrester cable to the ground.


The PDCE is a collector electrode unpolarized and passive, used for protect any type of structure, both on land and at sea.