INTERNAL PROTECTION must provide adequate protection by surge protectors for electronic and electrical equipment against transient surges caused by lightning strikes.
With the experience gained over the years, we have concluded that as important as external protection, so is the internal. In this way, it is possible to close all possible inputs of the lightning current to the installation to be protected.


When we have a lightning strike near our installation or home, the lightning can circulate through the ground and access our enclosure by grounding. This can generate high electrical voltages of tens of kilovolts capable of destroying all the electrical elements in its path. We can also have surges through the power line or the telephone line.

Therefore, it is very important to protect electrical elements such as computers, solar panels, machinery, etc. with surge protectors.


For this reason, in TECNO-PROTECT, we work with the best manufacturer of surge protectors (Dehn), offering a TOTAL PROTECTION service to our customers.






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 Is it necessary to protect against surges?

In recent years the technological evolution is present in any sector of our daily life whether industrial, commercial, telecommunications, catering, farming, renewable energy, etc... or in our household. Electronic or computer equipment with increasingly sensitive to overvoltage components can suffer significant damage or even destroyed if they doesn’t have adequate protections. This is why it is necessary to protect our system from lightning surges, to protect our installation from current surges caused by lightnings since the costs for repairs of electrical equipment, facilities and service discontinuity / production may incur into high costs. A study by the insurance companies determine that the primary cause of damage to electronic equipment are the current surges.


But what are the causes of these current surges?

These current surges can be generated by two different sources:

1- atmospheric discharge or lightning

 We have three causes:

· The direct impact of lightning in the building, which makes arising high value surges and that in very short periods of time there are very high potential values, a fact that causes destruction of electronic equipment connected to the electrical system, which also may be affected.

· Impact near the building, which receives no direct lightning strike, but it is affected by the indirect effects of inductive coupling through grid lines, telephone lines, TV antennas, etc... and for the effects of the electromagnetic field generated when the lightning strike with the structure.

· Fall of distant or between clouds rays, these have place far away from the facility, may cause links on medium voltage lines or other drivers and can increase their potential by generating surge currents in the installation to protect.


 2- Switching Maneuvers on the mains supply.

 Are included in the switching processes carried out by the electric company such as:

 · Switching inductive loads (coils, transformers, motors, etc ..)

· Shooting fuse.

· Contacts accidental earth, etc ...

 Similarly, in our facility can appear voltages generated by powerful machinery, electrical machinery, welding equipment (equipment arches), etc...
Whether due to an origin or another, the effect of the surge currents generates damage and destruction of sensitive equipment, breakage oror aging of the insulation insulatio, loss of important information, stop of production systems, etc... These problems finally translates into significant economic costs.