Lightning caused a fire in a fuel tank of the Spanish petrochemical company Repsol in Puertollano (Ciudad Real).

Explosion of two tanks at the Repsol Puertollano petrochemical complex

An electrical storm has caused lightning to strike a diesel tank at the Repsol Petrochemical Complex in Puertollano (Ciudad Real) and a fire has started. As confirmed by company sources, "it has been in a storage tank for petroleum products and there has been no personal injury."

After the morning, a second tank also started to burn and firefighters had to intervene. According to the same sources "the initial fire, the only one, has affected two tanks. It is not that it has spread. It has been controlled for a long time and we hope that it will be extinguished shortly."




The dawn of September 21 a lightning hit the cupola of the hermitage

Electrical installation was also affected

The electric shock hit the dome and "ripped out nine rows of solid bricks," Frigola says. After 1 inspection by municipal technicians, it was verified that there are no structural defects, but the impact of the lightning caused more than 150 tiles to be broken in the adjacent building, where meetings and exhibitions are held. among Other activities. "The debris shot out more than a hundred meters away," explains Frigola. Repairing Santa Cristina, in Lloret, is worth 25,000 euros


How much energy is in a lightning?

Lightnings generates temperatures higher than that of the solar surface, above 20,000 degrees Celsius


For most of human history, people have been terrified by lightning. Frightening bolts from above, lightning was a tool of the gods to smite mortals for their hubris (or their unfortunate penchant for seeking shelter from storms under trees). The discovery and implementation of Benjamin Franklin’s lightning rod tamed this once formidable, divine weapon.

Will a lightning bolt contain enough energy to blast Marty McFly through time?

Nonetheless, lightning’s strength still lingers in our imagination. Hollywood considers it powerful enough to allow strangely designed cars from the early 1980s to break the space-time continuum. In the comic book world, it’s an ingredient in the formula for developing superpowers. It has also been given the power to return life to the dead, though not always with the intended effect.