Tecnoprotect Services: Prevention against lightning. Ligtning rod to protect buildings, industries, boats, communications towers, photovoltaic systems and private homes.


TECNO-PROTECT a company belonging to the set of TECNO-FERRAN, S.L. Which is a multidisciplinary group dedicated to offering solutions to its customers in fields as diverse as PROTECTION AGAINST RAYS, ELECTRONICS / ELECTRICAL ELECTRONICS and RADIOCOMMUNICATIONS.

TECNO-PROTECT was born in 2008, under the demand of a customer after receiving a lightning strike causing considerable and considerable damages. Investigating possible lightning protection solutions that exist in the market and after studying the different technologies, their principles of operation and their effectiveness, we opt for a new technology of lightning, unique in the world and that satisfies our needs of protection.

In TECNO-PROTECT we have specialized in the system of lightning rods PDCE, an innovative technology that is based on giving protection causing the lightning does NOT appear. In this way we can be sure to offer our customers TOTAL protection against lightning strikes.






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